predilect – we produce forecasts

Predilect is producing live forecasts for a number of phenomena. This is just one of our current forecasts!

Political forecasts

Predilect is a forecasting project of Oliver Strijbis and Alberto Lopez Ortega, researchers at the Franklin University Switzerland and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam respectively. We forecast the outcome of elections and other important political and social events with our own prediction market. Prediction markets are virtual stock markets with human traders, which use the information contained in market values to make forecasts. It aggregates the wisdom of crowds and experts through the price mechanism and has been demonstrated to be one of the most versatile and accurate ways at forecasting. We adapt our prediction markets to our own panel of forecasters or within organizations in order to extract available expertise. We offer our prediction market forecasts to media and other stakeholders with an interest in monitoring political or social events of their interest. We also organize prediction markets within organizations in order to tease out important information by insiders. If you are interested check our sample of live forecasts or our current projects and do not hesitate to contact us.  

In the media